About the game

Project CP is a cooperative first person shooter set in the late 22nd century. The focus of the game is on the horde mode, in which you are defended against waves of enemies… Project CP is characterized by fast and entertaining battles, which create additional suspense due to time limits.
The project is still in development today and will be developed further on the side.
The game was created for the diploma submission. Up to this point, I and another programmer have been working on the project. Afterwards we looked for support of an artist. This artist created the map concept and created them as well.
A scenario mode is planned for the future, which will be accompanied by a framework action. Here the interaction is the most important aspect to achieve the common goal.


  • 2 Programmer
  • 1 Artist
  • 1 Sound Designer
  • 1 Video creator

My contributions

  • Team leader
  • Organisation
  • Gameplay Programming
  • Network coding
  • Spray Pattern Editor
  • AI Programming


Multiplayer Madness was crowned best semester project in September 2020.

The SAE Showreel features and crowns the best student projects from each year

Due to the Corona Pandemic, the Show Reel had to be held online. The show reel can be viewed on the SAE Frankfurt Channel.