Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment (Tool)


The goal of a video game is to arouse the interest of the player as much as possible. Since every player has different experience in games and is able to handle them differently, it is not easy to offer a uniform level of challenges.

To maintain this challenge, game developers use a principle called Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment (DDA). This ensures that parameters, scenarios, and behaviors are automatically changed in real time as the game progresses. This is to ensure that the player neither runs bored through the level nor tries to kill the last enemy in frustration.

Such a system is very popular in the gaming industry and especially larger studios that have enough money and time to make the gaming experience as good as possible benefit greatly from it. Independent studios on the other hand usually do not have the money and time to deal with such systems. Often the focus is put on core features. However, a well-balanced game is very important and indispensable. For this reason I would like to deal with the creation of a plugin for a dynamic difficulty level in this media project.

Learned Skills

The bachelor project allowed me to deal much more intensively with editor development. In the meantime I have learned a lot. Especially interesting for me was to find out the limits of the Unity Engine and to develop solutions for them. But also the examination of Reflections, to get access to foreign scripts without knowing which attributes and methods they have, helped me to get insights into new topics.